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Mamoo’kandaa oshki aakoziiwigamig

Working Together For Our New Hospital
Building Healthcare for Everyone

Planning stages complete!

When the planning for Kenora's new hospital began no one could ever have imagined it would be done while navigating a global pandemic and a health human resource staffing crisis. But yet, in late 2022 the planning stages of our new hospital project were completed!

In the summer of 2022, a completed Stage 2A report was submitted to the Ministry of Health, the project's major funder. This stage focused on the Functional Program which includes identifying which departments need to be co-located, patient flows, how many rooms are needed, what services need to be included and the justification for those services.

Extensive consultation with staff, partners and other health care facilities continued throughout each stage of the project and was a significant portion of this fiscal year's work. Stage 2B consisted of refining the cost estimate and furniture and equipment planning and hiring a consultant to lead this work. The complete Stage 2 final report (A&B) was completed this year and we anxiously await direction from the Province of Ontario on when the next stage can begin (Preliminary Design and Development).

Proposed in Stage 2A is a new 81-bed hospital in Kenora, on a new site with water access. Service expansions are planned for in Mental Health and Diagnostic Imaging.

 Other highlights include:

  • A significant staffing expansion in the new hospital.
  • The physical building doubling in size over the current hospital.
  • 100% single patient rooms.
  • Ample equipment storage throughout units.
  • Extra space in the Palliative Care rooms for family as well as adjacent lounge & quiet room.
  • Ambulatory Care: four treatment spaces and eight exam/consult rooms (visiting specialists, stroke, wound clinic, minor procedures, respiratory care, etc).
  • Five chemo stations and five dialysis stations.
  • Rehabilitation will be right-sized and include admin space, patient change room, therapy room, gym and will be adjacent to outpatient treatment space.
  • Diagnostic Imaging will expand to include MRI and space for a second radiologist.
  • Two withdrawal management beds.
  • Bariatric rooms throughout the units.


  • Expanded student capacity to accommodate 50-60 placements per year.
  • 4 ICU beds wirlo e negative pressure and will be able to accommodate virtual care (virtual bedside consults).
  • Proposed for the pharmacy are automated packing and dispensing units in clinical areas.
  • Public spaces to include: Information desk, volunteer kiosk, right-sized common spaces with accessible seating areas, gift shop, foundation offices, public washrooms.
  • A new Indigenous Health service.
  • 3 operating rooms, a procedure room, post-anesthesia recovery room, pre-admission clinic, day surgery unit is proposed for the Surgical Services department.
  • In hospital spiritual care and Indigenous health spaces will include a ceremonial room, Indigenous Resource Centre, traditional kitchen, traditional healing rooms, quiet rooms, multi-faith room. External spaces will include sweat lodge, landscaped spaces (to allow for gatherings, fire, traditional garden, access to water, etc).
  • Transitional Care Unit which will include restorative care, transitional care, cognitive behavioural support, convalescent care. This space will have on-unit dining and recreation space and a staffing compliment different from acute units.

Stage Two also proposes an Emergency Department right-sized for Ornge and EMS that will include:

A decontamination area, airborne isolation rooms, secure rooms, security space, consult/quiet room with smudging capability, Rapid Assessment (lighter care, non acute zone - 6 seats), Major Treatment Rooms (2 patients), Treatment Rooms (12) and Mental Health Treatment Rooms (3). The ED is proposed to be located beside Diagnostic Imaging.

Proposed in the Mental Health Unit is a 6-bed PICU (activity/ dining area, outdoor area), 6-bed child/youth zone (with sitting alcove, day room/ lounge), 8-bed adult mental health zone (sitting alcoves, day room/ lounge), 4-bed geriatric behavioural zone and shared spaces such as group activity space, consult rooms, traditional healing room, exam room, comfort room, family rooms, patient laundry, kitchen and dining area, lounge, etc.

Outpatient Mental Health services are proposed to be managed in a separate building on the hospital campus. Mental health counsellors will be available in the ED 7-days per week.

Our goal for the next fiscal year (2023/2024) is to see the project move into Stage 3, where the design for our new hospital is finalized! Thank you and congratulations to all who have been involved so far in this exciting community project!


 Mamoo’kandaa oshki aakoziiwigamig
 Working Together For Our New Hospital

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